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Lancer Carbon Fiber Handguard - No Rails
The Lancer Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard (LCH) is a custom profiled free float handguard system designed for 5.56mm cal AR type rifles and 7.62 AR type rifles. These are the no rails option – This is the lightest of all options. The handguard tube is supplied with cooling slots but have no attachment points for sight rails. Handguards with no sight rails cannot be user modified to accept sight rails.

Applying our experience in carbon-fiber product design and lightweight component development we’ve created a robust free float handguard that weighs less than comparable aluminum handguard systems without sacrificing rigidity or impact strength. Available in carbine, mid-length, rifle length and extra long (15”), the Lancer Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard can be applied to a variety of rifle configurations and used in many different applications. Advanced Design

Carbon-Fiber Handguard Tube – We’ve selected a carbon-fiber layup / resin combination that will resist the heat associated with high volumes of small arms fire, and is rigid enough for heavy use. Cooling slots have been provided to manage barrel temperature. The tube is attached to the receiver extension with fasteners, no bonding is required.

7075-T6 Aluminum Components – Where necessary aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum has been used to ensure the durability and reliability of the handguard assembly, such as the upper receiver extension and the end cap. The carbon-fiber tube is precision fit to the upper receiver extension and secured with fasteners to ensure a rigid connection. An end cap is provided to protect the end of the tube from rough handling damage.

Gas System Application -The carbine, midlength and rifle length handguards are designed to work with the fixed front sight posts of the corresponding DI gas systems. When installed on a rifle with a fixed front sight post the handguard allows the barrel to float freely, allowing clearance between the end of the handguard and the fixed front sight post. The handguards can be used to cover a low profile gas block; the carbon-fiber and resin used can withstand the heat given off by the gas tube and gas block. These handguards will not work with gas piston systems.

5.56 Cal Rifle Application – The 5.56 LCH (LCH5) receiver extensions are designed to work with standard pattern AR type rifles. A custom barrel nut is provided with the handguard. The sight rails are designed to match the height of the picatinny rail on the upper receiver.

7.62 Cal Rifle Application – The 7.62 LCH (LCH7) receiver extensions are offered in two different thread pitches: 16 tpi for DPMS 7.62 AR and similary upper receivers and 18 tpi for Armalite and Rock River 7.62 AR upper receivers. Sight rails are currently not provided on the LCH7 handguards due to varying heights of the receivers.

  • Free Float Design ensures that the barrel is not effected by pressure on the handguard eliminating point of impact devations.
  • Low profile, octagon shaped carbon-fiber tube, is as rigid and impact resistant as lightweight aluminum free float tube designs
  • Available with or without cooling slots
  • Cooling slots will accept accessory rail hardware
  • 5.56 cal handguards are available with or without a picatinny rail at 12 o’clock.
  • Attachment points for quick-detach sling swivels at 3 and 9 o’clock
  • Available in 4 basic lengths: Carbine, Midlength, Rifle Length and Extra Long
  • LCH5 weight with barrel nut (2.4oz) included but no rails Carbine Length: 9.2oz Midlength: 10.0oz Rifle Length: 11.0oz Extra Long: 12.1oz
  • LCH7 weight with barrel nut (2.9oz) included but no rails Carbine Length: 11.5oz Midlength: 12.1oz Rifle Length: 13.3oz Extra Long: 14.6oz
  • Outside & Inside Dimensions: LCH5: outside width (Flat of octagon) = 2″, Inside width = 1.8″ LCH7: outside width (Flat of octagon) = 2.2″, Inside width =2″
  • Length – The standard handguard (carbine, mid and rifle length) tubes are designed to allow the use of a front sight post. If you wish to cover your gas block you will need a low profile gas block and purchase the next longer length. The total length provided below is the length of the receiver extension with the carbon-fiber tube installed. Carbine total length = 7.2″ Midlength total length = 9.5″ Rifle total length = 12.5″ Extra Long total length = 16.25″
No rails Option – This is the lightest of all options. The handguard tube is supplied with cooling slots but have no attachment points for sight rails. Handguards with no sight rails cannot be user modified to accept sight rails.
Part #
Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguards, octagon, for AR-5.56 LCH5 Carbine Length, cooling slots, no rails Carbine Length Carbon-Fiber Handguard, overall length; 7.2in and is designed to fit a barrel with a carbine length gas system and fixed front sign post. The weight of the handguard, including proprietary barrel nut is 9.2oz. The handguard is a free float design comprising of a custom octagon shaped carbon-fiber handguard tube connected to the upper receiver with a 7075-T6 aluminum upper receiver extension. Cooling slots have been provided to manage barrel temperature and allow the connection of accessory rails, there are also slots at six o'clock for an accessory rail and holes for sling swivel stud so a bi-pod can be attached. Being of free float design the installation requires the removal of the rifle's barrel and specialized knowledge in AR rifle disassembly / assembly.
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